About Viceroy

Viceroy Homes is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of panellized and pre-cut custom Home Packages. For a passion for Quality and Innovation, Viceroy has built a reputation for superb design, outstanding products, and excellent value. We are dedicated to one purpose: Helping you build a custom home in the most affordable way. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in both the east and west, Viceroy ships home packages to clients throughout North America and around the world.

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Quality Lumber & Materials

Viceroy supplies only premium grade lumber for all the framing components in your home. The lumber used by Viceroy is always consistent, it has little wane, knots, and warp and defects are limited. Less lumber defects will prevent uneven walls, lifting floors or sagging roofs. As a large exporter of world class building materials; Viceroy has achieved extraordinary economies of scale, allowing us to supply superior grade lumber for the same price as ordinary lumber. Your home will be built with the same outstanding material we ship to our most demanding customers around the world. You’re about to build your future. Why take a risk with your lumber? Build your home with superior quality lumber only from Viceroy.

Viceroy Windows

From the frigid arctic gales of Alaska to the typhoons of Japan, Viceroy Windows have been tested around the globe and always pass with flying colours. Quite simply, we have the experience to build windows that hold up beautifully under any weather conditions. Not only are they beautiful to look at, Superwindows also give you exceptional insulation, durability and freedom from maintenance. Viceroy manufactures its own windows to achieve unprecedented quality control and value. As a result, these outstanding features and quality touches are standard options. The value is without equal, as is our standard 25-year Limited Warranty on the window structure.